EP06: How Meditation Changed My Life and Became My Calling with Hannah Galliers

When the majority of people come across Meditation for the very first time they often have doubts about it and think it’s going to be one way when it turns out to be something completely different and our guest in episode #07 of the podcast was no different.

Meditation has a wide range of benefits from feeling less stressed to enhancing self-awareness to helping to develop a more positive outlook on life. Meditation helps you to just “be” in the moment which is as important as ever for the modern world that we live in.

In this episode of the Grow2Gether Podcast, we’re joined by valuable community member and Mindfulness Coach Hannah Galliers as we hear about her story of how meditation not only changed her life but became her calling. 

Top points from this episode:

  • We all have challenges and obstacles that we face in our lives and talking about them really does help. If you find it hard to talk to a loved one, try talking to a counsellor or someone else you trust.
  • Surrounding yourself with positive and a network of people who actually want to listen to you and help you to grow is crucial in all walks of life, not just when you’re in a dark place.
  • The first step to change is to recognise that there is a problem and being open to change.
  • We all have a purpose and a calling, Hannah’s happened to be meditation. Become aware of the signs that life is showing you to find and pursue your purpose and calling.
  • Plus, much much more!

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Luke Burrows

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