EP09: How Personal Growth Helped Me to Overcome My Mental Health Challenges with Brendan Cutuli

We’ve often said it here at Grow2Gether that personal growth is the only real long-term option for people to overcome their mental health challenges and it first starts off by understanding that we all have ‘mental health’ and we can all make the decision every day becoming that little bit better whether that’s mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally or in whatever area of our lives.

Once you start your personal growth (and self-discovery) journey a whole new world opens up to you. A world that you never knew existed before. It challenges you to truly discover who you are, and what makes you, you. It challenges you to think different, develop your perspective and step into your greatness. And, while that can be hard for many to believe, especially when facing mental health challenges, it’s only through starting your personal growth journey that you will be able to see for yourself.

And, in this episode of the Grow2Gether Podcast we are joined by Brendan Cutuli, Founder of MetamorphUS, podcaster and someone who has been there and done it. Brendan, has faced many mental health challenges in the past but through the power of personal growth has turned his life around and now inspires to help others to do the same.

Top points from this episode:

  • Become curious by questioning yourself, the ideals of other people and society as a whole.
  • When people start to change their habits and routines, they often try to do too much too soon and that’s why they end up falling back into the old habits and/or routines they want to change. Take one step at a time, and try to implement one new habit and/or routine every month. Over time they will build up and have a compounding effect.
  • Having and developing awareness is key to overcoming the challenges that we face in our lives.
  • Meditation, journaling, nutrition and having a good routine before you go to bed are key habits to develop that will make a huge difference in your life and will help with your mental health.
  • Plus, much much more!

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Luke Burrows

Luke Burrows

Luke Burrows is the Creator of Grow2Gether, Co-Host of Motivational Mentors, Podcaster and Entrepreneur whose mission it is to create positive change in the world and make a difference.