There I was, sat in the “gold” section at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, UK waiting for #NAC2019 to start when all of a sudden the lights started to go crazy, music started to play and the host for the next two days Shiny Unsal (who is a coach and expert in both NLP and communicational strategies) walked onto the stage full of energy, enthusiasm, and confidence getting the audience onto their feet.

I’ve been to several events before, and it remains one of my goals to go to more. Especially, as someone who is naturally introverted. It’s always good to get outside of your comfort zone and do things that don’t come naturally to you.

NAC which stands for National Achievers Congress was the first event I had noticed it. It was the first event I had not

iced the amount of pure confidence the speakers and people on stage had and it started with Shiny.

If I’m honest, I had never heard of Shiny before so when she came out with all this energy, enthusiasm, and confidence it got my attention for sure.

And, it didn’t stop with her so the first lesson I definitely got from #NAC2019 was…

1. When you Believe in Yourself and Have a Strong Mission, Vision, and Purpose Confidence is Inevitable.

Like I say, I was blown away by how confident ALL of the speakers were. And, I know what you’re thinking… ‘of course, they’re confident, Luke’

I don’t mean a normal amount of confidence. I’ve met a lot of confident people both online and offline over the last 18 months to 2 years.

They had an extreme amount of confidence and it was oozing out of them.

Which got me thinking…


How is it that these speakers are so unbelievably confident… How?

On Tuesday night, on the journey home (I didn’t stay up there, that’s a different story 😅) this was running through my mind over and over and over. I was trying to work it out.

I then realized that all the speakers at the event from Gary Vee to the “lesser-known” but still highly successful speakers and all of the 1% that I follow online have something in common when it comes to confidence – I’m sure they have more than one thing but what I realized was that…

  • They ALL have an ultimate mission – they know what their north star is and are intent on taking daily action to accomplish it. And, while they want to accomplish their north star, they appreciate and value the journey much more.
  • They ALL have an unstoppable vision – again much like their mission they know what they want their life to look like, feel like, and be like. And, everything they do go towards moving closer to accomplishing both.
  • They ALL have a message which has become a part of their purpose – a perfect example of this is Grant Cardone’s 10X everything message. It’s become a part of his purpose – it’s what he’s known for and goes straight into his mission and vision.

And, so when I was thinking about this, I realized that once you have all three you know where you’re going, why you’re heading in that direction and you can see the bigger picture. You believe in it all, so of course, you’re going to be confident. You have clarity.

I also noticed that they ALL were incredibly humble and just super focused on doing their thing and proving value!

Let’s stop here for a second because this is key. They are focused on doing their thing. I highly doubt that Gary Vee is sat in his office in New York City contemplating what Grant’s next move is. Gary is so focused and confident in his own ability that he isn’t focused on what anyone else is doing.

That doesn’t mean the top leaders don’t respect each other or anything. Actually, that’s quite the opposite. I’m sure there is great respect there and I’ve seen podcast collaborations and similar things that these top leaders have done together before.

They just don’t worry or contemplate or are even concerned about what anyone else thinks of them or if another top leader is earning more than they are. They are just so confident in their own ability to accomplish their ultimate mission.

And, when you think about it, it all plays into everything I have just mentioned.

Using Gary Vee as another example, he’s incredibly confident because he’s authentically himself which comes into it too, he knows and is super focused on his north star which if you didn’t know is to be the best entrepreneur who provides the most value and to buy the New York Jets.

Gary values the process (also known as journey) of buying the New York Jets much more than actually doing it – he actually talks about this in his own content and refers to it as “the hunt”. He obviously has an unstoppable vision for himself and all of his businesses and companies. And, serves a bigger purpose of just himself.

So, all of Gary’s actions are lead towards being the best entrepreneur who provides the most value and buying the New York Jets. And, if you follow Gary then you know this to be the case with the insane amount of FREE content he puts out there which goes towards his north start of providing the most value.

Of course, this is just my perspective, and either you or others may have a different reason as to why you think these top leaders are so incredibility confident.

I’ve only briefly mentioned authenticity which like I mentioned before comes into it. If I were to sum it up, I would say that they just know who the f**k they are and what they are working towards accomplishing and why.

Now, this brings me to the second lesson that I learned which is…

2️. That it’s a Good Idea to Choose 3 Top Leaders That You Resonate with the Most to Follow Online…

Let me start by saying that this doesn’t mean you can’t follow any other leaders online. I sure do and can think of at least 7 leaders that I follow online just as I’ve written this sentence.

What I am saying is to be mindful and to have your top 3 go-to leaders who you resonate with the most.

Why you ask…?

Because I noticed that every leader has their own message and gives out their own valuable advice which often is different or is said differently to others so it can be difficult to know who to listen to.

Gary Vee has a different message to Grant Cardone and visa Versa. Of course, there are similarities. When one is saying one thing, and someone else is saying another then it can be difficult to know who to listen to.

What I will also say is that neither is wrong because that’s their truth and there’s definitely more than one way to achieve success – however you define it.

I’ll share more on that later as that’s another huge lesson I have learned.

3. Successful People Make Sacrifices! Period!

Often as a society, we think that successful people, millionaires, and the top 1% “have it all” and are so “lucky”.


And, something that really gets on my nerves.

I’m nowhere near the top 1% yet. And, when I say nowhere near I mean nowhere near… yet.

I do understand and greatly appreciate the amount of value and sacrifices leaders like Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, and the list continues bring into the world and make.

And, even on a smaller level. Let’s say successful people in local communities who have built businesses or done something amazing. And, they may have the financial rewards to show for it. Instead of saying things like “look at them in that big fancy car” I understand the amount of hard work, sacrifices, and things that they had to go through.

Slightly going off-topic, but I feel like it’s important, even when siblings or sons and daughters of successful people have reaped the financial benefits of the success that their family member has achieved I still recognize that in every scenario there has been hard work and sacrifices made. The journey to success isn’t a straight line.

Now, that I have got that off my chest I will add that sure the top 1% and influential leaders have more choices and freedom than others. Again, they’ve earned it.

But, think about it Grant Cardone and Gary Vee have families. And, they’re on the NAC global tour.

So, that means, they wouldn’t have had seen their family as much as they would have of liked too…


This actually got me thinking and especially when Elena Cardone spoke about it. Elena spoke about how she doesn’t mind if Grant is late home because they have a far bigger mission and purpose than just themselves…

It was quite amazing to see and hear Elena talk about this and definitely a perspective that is more than a left field. But, that’s why Elena and Grant are a power couple and are hugely successful.

My point here is that even successful people make sacrifices of not being with their family to accomplish their bigger mission. Yet, society is too quick to judge them in their private jet or fancy car.

I don’t know 100% but I get a good sense that these leaders are actually quite passionate about speaking, going from event to event, and contributing in that way so maybe they don’t even see it as a sacrifice.

I really got the vibe that for them it’s about the bigger mission and maybe that’s what some people don’t get because they haven’t set one for themselves.

4. Money Flows to Where Attention Goes

Before I went to NAC2019 I started to hear more about this and especially from Gary Vee. Although Gary was talking more about leverage. So where attention goes they have the leverage and hence why he’s huge on putting out valuable content…

He talks about it often. It’s how you get attention and build brand – which as a side note will be the only thing left in the long term.

If you don’t put out content (especially as a business owner or entrepreneur) how is anyone going to know what you’re doing?

And, when you think about it… it makes total sense.

Grant Cardone was huge on this as well at NAC2019 and spoke more from the perspective of where the attention goes, money will flow to. Again, if you think about it, it goes hand in hand with what Gary is saying.

If you want more money, build attention. And, do it in an authentic way where you are bringing VALUE to other people and NOT EXPECTING anything in return.

That last part is how I try and live my life… Expect nothing, appreciate everything.

If you have no expectations or try to limit them, then you won’t be disappointed if what you’re expecting doesn’t come to pass and when something good or amazing happens you’ll appreciate it more.

5. The Fifth and Final Lesson is That There is More Than One Way to Achieve Success. 

I did mention this earlier and I want to dive deeper into it because I think it’s very important. I do believe there to be “success principles” that 99.9% of the top 1% have or do.

Yet, from listening to many different influential leaders as I stated before they all have different messages and ways to approach life and business.

This proves to me that there is more than way to go from where you are to where you want to be. I believe it to be a game of self-awareness. Meaning to find what works for you and double down on that.

I’m also an advocate of remaining open-minded at the same time. Too many people are so closed-minded so make sure you be open-minded to new things that could also help you to grow!

If we take a little look into this, Gary Vee in the last 12 months or so has been pushing happiness and self-esteem. He’s basically been saying that we should all have the conversation of what success means to us and that ultimately it should mean that we are truly happy.

Gary talks about how making £50,000 per year seeing Smurf t-shirts is better than being a lawyer and earning double that but being unhappy as f**k. And, I COMPLETELY agree with him on this one. And, the internet has enabled that to be an option for ALL OF US.

While… on the other hand, Grant Cardone is more about the money. Not in the sense of being a lawyer and unhappy as f**k BUT to 10 X everything in your life. So, let’s just say you’re running that Smurf t-shirt business, the vibe I got from Grant is that his message is to 10X that and keep on 10X’ing it.

Different messages as you can see. There is a common trend though and I have noticed it with most of the main leaders out there. And, this is that you don’t have to do something that you HATE. We don’t live in 1978 anymore (I have just picked that year out of the air) and the education system is screwed and deeply flawed.

Again, something I agree with and something that is definitely a part of my mission.

So, with the differences between the two messages, it goes back to what I stated before of where are you going to focus? Who do you resonate most with?

In this instance, are you more Gary Vee or are you more Grant Cardone?

You could be both, which is fine. Just don’t let the differences between the message hold you back from taking action as I see it often and have felt it myself in the past so I am talking from experience.

I’ve mostly used Gary and Grant as the examples through this post and that’s because they were the two big hitters are the event and are probably the two most people will know.

Yet, everything I have shared is the same from any other of the speakers at NAC2019 or any other top leaders in the world from Tony Robbins to Eric Thomas.

I hope that this has given an insight into the National Achievers Congress Global Tour event that I had the pleasure of going along to. I had no idea I would learn these things by going to the event and I’ve been in a lot of deep thought about everything to do with success since the event really so I’m pleased I have shared the top 5 of the lessons I learned with you!

Any feedback, comments, or questions would be amazing and I encourage you to get in touch if you have either. You can hit me up and tweet me directly on Twitter under the handle @reallukeburrows

That is also my username for all of my social profiles from Facebook to Instagram to now even TikTok.

Again, I hope you found this of incredible value and insight.

Until next time!

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