EP11: How to Stop Fearing Other People's Judgment and Become Your Authentic Self with Jennifer Lion

Are you being your authentic self? Do you even know what being your “authentic self” means?

In basic terms, being your authentic self means to be who you are at your absolute core! We all have another level of identity that is the real genuine substance of who we are aka our authentic selves which is not defined by a job, role or stories that we tell ourselves.

It is the collection of all of our skills, talents, strengths and wisdom rather than what we believe we are or who we are supposed to be or do.

Unfortunately, most people, at some point in their lives hold back from being their authentic selves due to fear and worrying about what other people will think of them.

This can range from our parents, loved ones, best friends or social groups and it often comes down to wanting to look good, fit in or make people proud of us – which is understand yet when we do so we often do things that keep other people happy and neglect our own happiness and fulfilment.

In this episode of the Grow2Gether podcast we’re joined by Jennifer Lion a personal growth blogger from Germany as we hear about her personal growth journey and how she has had to overcome other peoples judgement to be her authentic self. We also hear about Jennifer’s vision and lots more! 

Top points from this episode:

  • The thing that is holding most people back from being their authentic selves is the judgement that they feel and face from others.
  • Too often we listen to the outside opinions of others instead of pursuing and doing the things we want to do. Instead, we should approach thing with a child-like approach and just start. Whether that’s a podcast, blog, or YouTube channel, just start!
  • Developing a growth mindset helps you to enjoy the process of your personal growth journey, overcome all types of fear and overall enjoy life more.
  • The limiting beliefs that we hold can often get in the way of us being our authentic selves. Start to overcome this ask yourself thought-provoking questions like – ‘what would I do and who would I be if I didn’t have these limiting beliefs?’
  • Plus, much much more!

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