“You’d never be able to do that”

“You’re not good enough”

We all have that little voice inside our head telling us we can’t do something, or we’re not good enough. But have you ever thought about how many times you hear that little voice inside your head in a single day?

Or how many days in your lifetime you’ve let that voice stop you from being the person, deep down you KNOW you can be!

Here’s The Truth…

That little voice that you’ve been listening to for so long, it doesn’t have any real substance behind it. Maybe you weren’t good enough to do something one time. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll NEVER be good enough to do something.

Have you ever seen a film that you absolutely hated?

Just because you hated that one film, does that mean that you hate every film that has ever been made or will ever be made?

Of course, it doesn’t! And that idea sounds absolutely crazy. So why do you let that little voice tell you that because ‘you didn’t quite make the mark one time or a few times, you’ll never be good enough?’

How Do You Change That Little Voice In Your Head?

Like anything else in your life worthwhile. With a lot of effort, consistency, discipline, and time. It all starts by making yourself aware of your thoughts. And when that negative voice pops up… Call it out!

When that negative voice comes into my head I normally tell it:

“Well actually I have done a lot in my life, here are all the things that I’ve done, and all the times I’ve proven you wrong.” or”Other people have done it, why wouldn’t I be able to do it?


“Just because I failed last time doesn’t mean I’ll fail this time, I failed such and such 3 or 4 times, but I succeeded in the end”

But What If That Doesn’t Work?

Sometimes even after you list all the examples of success and the reasons you KNOW you can be successful, the little voice inside your head will still make you feel like you aren’t good enough or won’t be able to do something, then what?

Question it. Just ask it ‘WHY?’ Why can’t you do something? And then question that answer, and so on and so on.

Eventually, you’ll realize that little voice has no real reason why you can’t do something.

It’s just like a little monkey chattering away in your ear, not offering anything particularly useful.

For The Brave…

The number one way to beat that voice in your head, which I would recommend 100% of the time, is just go out there and prove it wrong. Whatever it’s telling you? Go show it how wrong it is!

‘You’d never be able to talk to him or her’ Go do it!

‘You’d never get that job’

Apply for it!

‘Why do you want to go to the gym, you’re really skinny/overweight. People will laugh at you.’ Go to the gym and start transforming your body!

Because when you start doing this you’ll learn 1 of 2 things:

You ARE good enough to get that job, girl/boy, body. Even if THAT time you don’t quite make it, you’ll feel good for ignoring that voice and taking a shot at it!

Now it’s up to you to tackle that voice in your head, and replace it with your own positive one!

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Antonio Tourino is the creator of You Are Your Reality. A blog founded on the principles that through self-development and personal growth it is possible to completely turn your life around. Going from a person with anxiety, lack of confidence and self-esteem issues; to working across Europe, he is living proof of the massive change you can make in your life when you stop listening to the no's in your head and start listening to the yes's.
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