Activity does not necessarily equal accomplishment”.

“Leaders who aren’t focused aren’t as effective as they could be.”

“Human nature seems to endow us with the ability to size up everybody in the world except ourselves.”

This gets me thinking of some very important questions and a little self-reflection

  • How is balance or imbalance in our personal and professional life reflected in our ability to lead?
  • Why do we tend to judge others on mere actions and ourselves on intentions? Is there a better criterion for making judgments about success and failure in ourselves and others?

My thoughts on the first question are this. If we are burdened with poor relationships and challenges in our personal life, it will transpire to our professional life 100%. There is a good chance that we will be bringing in negative energy, thoughts, and views to our professional sphere and it will affect those we are leading and most certainly the decisions we make as leaders.

For those that have significant others, there is an age-old saying “happy wife, happy life” therefore, if there is trouble at home then there is most likely trouble at the “office” as well.

And for the second question. Are you judging others based on their actions and yourself on intentions? I know I have been quick to judge a colleague or friend on their effort towards a certain job or decision and then when faced with a similar circumstance merely acted with “good” intention harnessing a similar result.

I don’t know if there is a better criterion for making judgments about success or failure other than to stop judging and just put forth your best effort. I know as long as I am putting in my best effort and focus on a project or task, there is nothing but the success that can happen. Even if it takes a couple of tries, there are no failures, only lessons to be learned which to me, equal “SUCCESS”.

4 Keys to Leading Yourself 

  1. Learn Followership. What does it truly mean to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? You have to learn to follow before you can lead. Think of a time when you learned a lesson from someone you were following that could benefit you as a leader.
  2. Develop Self-Discipline. Why is it so difficult to be the ruler of our own actions and decisions? How is your discipline in these areas of your life?
  • Time management- Are you scheduling your priorities or prioritizing your schedule?
  • Money management- Tracking your finances is vital to leading yourself into early retirement and living a life of freedom. Free from debt, free from worry, and able to do everything that puts a smile on your face. If you think you’re too young to think about retirement you’re seriously mistaken.
  • Positive affirmations and character-building thoughts- Our thoughts send out vibrations to the Universe. The Universe operates by Law of Attraction, you get what you think about, choose wisely.
  • Living your Legacy- What is your purpose? What special gifts do you possess? How do you want to be remembered when you die?
  • Leading your life or being lead through life- Ask yourself, Am I leading my life, or am I relying on others to fulfill my destiny? I strongly suggest you get in the driver’s seat and go out and get everything you desire. We get one shot at this thing called life, rely on no one, go do and get everything you want.

3. Practice Patience and Gratitude. Building a business takes time. Building a great team takes effort and time. Enlist others to help fulfill the vision and keep the team going. Small steps daily compound and be thankful for the person you had to become in order to reach the success you strive for.

4. Seek Accountability. Personal and professional accountability is of high importance because we all have a human nature that will lead us astray or kill focus. Seek accountability from those that will speak the hard truth and push you to be your best.

We are responsible for others actions as well as our own. We must earn the right to lead anyone beyond ourselves but it all starts within. Lead yourself, put in the effort, you’re worth it!

Be Brave, Be your Best.

Kelly G



Kelly is a strategic thinker, Personal Enrichment Coach, and Leadership Developer. He believes that leadership is where the great opportunities exist in the world today and it's why he invested in his own personal and leadership development in order to fulfill his entrepreneurial objectives and become the CEO of his life. Kelly grew up playing competitive sports and at the age of 23-29 started to train then compete in Mixed Martial Arts. His significant experience learning from various coaches and training methods has helped him realize the importance of great coaching and the exponential growth and development people can have in their personal and professional life. Kelly is currently a John Maxwell Team member along with a founding member in The Richway Personal Enrichment Program. Be Brave, Be your Best.
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