Self-reflection is one of the biggest tools we have in our toolbox when it comes to self-discovery, personal growth, and well life itself actually.

It’s an essential skill to be developed, through practising it on a regular basis to find out more about yourself including, why you think, say, and do certain things, and then better yourself.

I’ve been practising self-reflection for over 2 years now, and it’s enabled to me learn so much about myself and develop a great amount of self-awareness.

But I know even in that, there are many things that I can improve upon, and I’m not self-aware of.

Which, when you think of it, is the whole point of personal growth and moving towards accomplishing the ultimate goal a better version of ourselves… that there are always ways we can improve and we’re never the finished article.

For some, that might be overwhelming. And, although I understand it, I personally find it liberating – that mindset of consistent improvement.

Self-reflection helps to develop this mindset within us all as well as it’s only once we’re aware of something that we can change it. So, once we’re aware of an improvement we need to make in any area of our life we can start to take the action steps to make it happen!

There isn’t a right or a wrong way to self-reflect and ultimately, you’ve got to find what is right for you including the medium, questions you ask yourself, and so on…

By medium I mean, some prefer to get a journal, others to type it up, and others to maybe even use voice – I used to do my morning and evening reflections into my voice memo app on my iPhone!

And, then the questions are really up to you as well. I do think there are certain types of powerful questions, that get you really reflecting (this is key by the way) that are more effective than others, but you can slightly adjust these to find what is right for you.

The screenshots as shown to the right-hand side are from an app I use for my morning and evening reflections and some of the questions might help you to create your own!

I do, do reflection every morning and evening as well as weekly and monthly. The ones I do daily as you can see from the screenshots are far shorter reflections and are just a series of questions so I can start and end my day right.

My weekly and monthly reflections go way deeper, so I can really become aware of my thoughts, the things I do (and don’t do), and other habits and patterns in both life and business!

I also do a daily “brain dump” which is similar to a journal but is where I spend 5 to 10 minutes just writing out all of my thoughts. I then, use this during my weekly and monthly reflections too, like I say, become aware of my thoughts!

I also use it to become aware of any worries, concerns, and everything else I have on my mind and seek solutions.

You don’t have to start off doing all of this.

My routine has developed over 18 months (and probably even longer than that) and I’m still developing it.

Like, I may change the medium and go back to voice memos…

I may add some different powerful questions to spice things up…

I may add a mid-week reflection…

I’m open-minded to anything that is going to move me forward to accomplish that ultimate goal… a better version of myself!

Some of the questions I use for either my weekly or monthly reflection include…

  • What did I learn about myself this week/month?
  • What worries/concerns did I have this week/month?
  • What did I face challenging this week/month and why?

… the list goes on…

Altogether, I have a set of 8 to 10 questions that helps me to carry out my self-reflection.

The questions just really act as a guide, a framework for the reflection so you can find the answer within you, you need to move forward.

Typically, for my weekly and monthly reflection, I can spend anywhere between 90 minutes and over 2 hours, going through this process. As I’ve developed it more of a skill, it’s now closer to the 90 minutes but nevertheless how long it takes, it’s going to help you to grow and I usually do it in a quiet space, where there are hardly any distractions!

But if you’re like me and live with other people, distractions are part of that – lol!

If you’re new to self-reflection, you’ll either find that quiet time strange or again liberating but it is a skill and like with any other skill it takes time to develop so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel you get anything from it the first few times around – keep with it.

And, keep an open mind. That’s what self-reflection is about as well.

It’s about you, being in the moment with yourself, reflecting on everything… YOU!

That might sound daunting as it’s an inner work exercise which most people don’t want to do.

Most people put off or don’t do the inner work, and it might be because they’re fearful of what they might uncover.

But it’s the inner work that helps us to grow, and again, self-reflection is a part of this.

Just don’t take my word for it…

Try it for yourself, and see what happens!

And, I would love to hear your results and how you find the self-reflection practice…

Hit me up on social media under my username @reallukeburrows – across all social platforms and if you’re a Grow2Gether community member please share in the Facebook community or community forums.

Until next time



Hi, I'm Luke! I'm the Founder of Grow2Gether, Podcast Host and Entrepreneur. I love to help people to live their passion and change the way they think to unlock their potential. I'm an optimist and passionate about self-discovery, personal growth and entrepreneurship.
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