I feel like the phrase “just start” is most commonly used by those in the world of entrepreneurship, or those on their personal growth journey…

Mostly, because both entrepreneurship and personal growth is a journey.

A journey full of ups and downs.

A journey full of unknowns.

Which mostly holds people back from getting started.

But, if we think about it, life in itself is a journey…

Life is a journey full of ups and downs.

Life is a journey full of unknowns.

And, so, therefore, if life in itself is a journey, everything in life is a journey and for me, it’s the journey to being better…

Better health.
Better relationships.
Better mindset.
The list goes on…

And the key to it all is just getting started!

But, like entrepreneurship, or personal growth, while just getting started is the key, many do not out of valuing other people’s opinions, limiting beliefs, and the list goes on and on…

One of the main reasons why we may not get started it out of fear as us human beings fear the unknown.

Which I find interesting because in my mind everything is the unknown.

What do I mean by that?

Think of something right now, that you aren’t fearing.

For me, it could be my morning run.

But my morning run and the thing that you just thought of is still the unknown.

Hear me out…

While we might have a plan or an idea on how that thing might go, it doesn’t mean it will turn out that way and we won’t know for sure how it will go until we actually get to it or more likely even finish it – as anything can happen so it’s still the unknown.

Let’s take my morning run as an example…

I could have an idea of a route.
I could have an idea of how long that route will take.
I could make plans for after my morning run.


My route could be blocked.
I could pick up an injury and have to stop running.
I could even get knocked over by a bus.

And, while some of those possibilities are less likely than others, all of them are still possibilities and to, therefore, the unknown.

But I’m not sat here, worrying about it because if I was to sit here worrying about everything that could happen then I would be an anxious reck again and my quality of life would seriously decrease…

Go to a little off-topic, this is where gratitude comes in and being able to make decisions quickly so, when things happen in life – which they do, just look at COVID-19 – you’ll able to respond to continue to move forward!

But if you don’t start that journey you won’t be in a position to move forward because you’ll still be where you’ve always been.

The challenge for most people is that through conditioning or limiting beliefs, they reaffirm that staying where they’ve always been is not the unknown, and so they are safe!

This is because they’ve got too comfortable in their relationships.
This is because they’ve got too comfortable at their 9 to 5.
This is because they’ve got too comfortable in every area of their lives.

But, in my opinion, this way of thinking and living life is floored.

Because even staying where you’ve always been is still the unknown.

For example, …

You could leave for work on Monday morning, and be in an unfortunate car accident and that’s it!

But, if you started pursuing your goals and the things you actually wanted in your life, you could have lived for another 65+ years.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s exactly the same for the other way around.

You could live to 99 and spent all of your life not doing what you’ve always wanted to do, been unhappy and lived in fear.


Lived to 65, become the person you always wanted to be, pursuing your dreams, and because of this went backpacking up a mountain, and a tragedy happened!

All of which is the unknown.

Unfortunately, people are so paralysed by not being able to make decisions, start the things they actually want to do, and going and pursuing the things that they want out of this fear of the unknown when what they are actually doing is still the unknown as we don’t actually know how life is going to plan out either way!

And, so then my big thing is not having regrets!

I often get asked the question…

“Luke, how did you start podcasting?”


“Luke, how did you start Grow2Gether?”

In its simplest terms, using what I’m sharing with you here, I just started…

Sure, there is a story behind it and a journey to that point.

I didn’t overthink it.

Other people’s opinions were in the back of my mind, but I was able to silence those voices and use the fear that I was feeling at the time as a growth opportunity.

Remember, my big-thing is not having regrets and so I often just start things so when I’m 80, 87, 90, or 96 I know I’ve given it my best shot.

But look, I’m NOT perfect.

And, at certain times, fear has held me back which is why it’s taken me and Grow2Gether more time to get where we’re at today which is only like 1% of where I wanna be.

So, even I have to move faster!

But I’ve started…

And, learnt a lot along the way
And, grown a lot along the way
And, met amazing new people along the way

And, that is for me what the whole “just start” mindset is about…

It’s about overcoming that fear so you…

Learn more about yourself and the world.
Grow daily, doing things you never thought you could do.
And, make new connections along the way and building a community.

Without starting, none of that is possible.

Sure, you’re going to make mistakes…

Before podcasting or Grow2Gether, I had tried to build a few different businesses, made a ton of mistakes, “failed” and moved on…

Making new choices, new decisions, figuring stuff out, changing your mind, realising something isn’t for you, and going again is all part of the journey!

And, it’s through the journey that you’ll see what is working for you, so double down on that.

It all stems from just starting the journey in the first place.

So, the mindset because just starting is all about overcoming fear so you can live the life you want and experience the learning, growth, and development that you will encounter that will help you to accomplish the ultimate goal… a better you!

Because, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

Until next time…

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Hi, I'm Luke! I'm the Founder of Grow2Gether, Podcast Host and Entrepreneur. I love to help people to live their passion and change the way they think to unlock their potential. I'm an optimist and passionate about self-discovery, personal growth and entrepreneurship.
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