You have to let light shine on your wounds to heal.

Anyone who says healing and growing is all flowers and happiness is a liar.

True growth comes from breaking and bringing all layers of darkness to the surface to heal.

What I mean by this is, it’s not going to be pink fluff, but lots of tears and anger and frustration.

But also, this is an appeal to embrace your shadows and ditch the tip a lot of people give: Only positive vibes.

Your life would be pretty monotonous without the law of rhythm.

Maybe that’s why a beating heart has a rhythmic frequency versus when being dead it’s flat.

I just want you to take this as motivation.

Each and every one of us is going to have hiccups along the ride.

But instead of seeing them as failures, see them as a redirection attempt by the universe.

Because trust me, you will make the experience over and over again, until you have finally understood the lesson.

People think too black and white, but I urge you to take every experience that comes your way on and see it as the potential to grow, to let your current identity die and let your new one rise from the ashes.

Destruction and recreation. That’s how this universe works. How it has worked all the time.

I want you to know it’s for your own good!

Human life is a test.

A test only a few of us really consciously take.

We have been given all the resources.

Everything we have created has been to evolve even more.

The only thing that we forget is, that in the end, all that we actually work towards is remembering, all that is and exists is love and compassion.

So, my dear people, your life has meaning, your life has worth, you are not lost, you just forgot the fundamental truths, that we are all one love. One source of light.

All that you feel happening to you is to bring you back to this conclusion.

Meditate, journal, scribe, take plant medicine, do whatever life calls you to do to grow, to regain consciousness.


It’s your life. And it’s beautifully broken. At least just a little bit, so you can become a higher version of yourself any second.

Embrace that.

Love yourself for who you really are.

Let go of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ and start to listen to that little voice that’s called your intuition.

Don’t try to work against it. It will be harder this way, I promise.

But eventually, you will reach the same outcome.

That’s the funny thing about this universe.

There’s no right or wrong.

There’s just being.

Conclusion of this whole blog post is:

You already know everything you need to make this life a wonderful one.

Don’t waste so much time on things that don’t make you feel loved.

Because love and compassion, that’s all we strive for and the frequency all life blooms on.

Meanwhile, you will have darkness, but darkness isn’t bad.

You’re not a victim, but a tree withstanding the worst storms just to go through the cycles of the seasons, the cycle of destruction and rebirth.

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Nirina Krueger is a Health, Food & Travel blogger as well as a Portrait, Fashion and Personal Brand Photographer and Mindset Coach. Nirina helps people to cure themselves of gastrointestinal diseases using alternative healing methods and mindset. Throughout her photography, she helps people embrace themselves fully and empower them to accept themselves 111% and become the highest version of themselves. Empowerment, Authenticity, Freedom, Spirituality and Sustainability. These are her 5 highest values and Nirina wants to help people become aligned with their authentic self and discover their unlimited potential.
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