Do You Remember Your Why?

This post is going to be very cut clear and slightly blunt so get geared up!
Going into any kind of business and being an entrepreneur is a massive but brave undertaking.
Just like anything new that you try, it can be a scary thing to step your foot into waters that you may have no prior experience being in.
You don’t know what to expect!
Whether the waves will rise and if it crashes so hard right in front of you and you end up falling and floating back to shore. Working for yourself will undoubtedly have its ups and downs.
In case no one has told you yet, let me clear one thing up: If you are scared of failing as an entrepreneur or business owner of any kind and have set your mind to quitting if it does not work out the first time, you are in the wrong profession.
You will fall, fail and have setbacks thats just the nature of the business. However, failing is the most beautiful thing you will ever experience in network marketing because you now have the opportunity to learn how to be better and thats where you GROW.

I will use myself as an example, when I first started last year in the game of entrepreneurship, started my own blog and other projects that are still in the making, I made a bunch of HUGE mistakes that cost me some clients and potential team members.

I will be very honest I got so frustrated that I was close to giving up…and this is where your WHY comes in.
I remember why I started in the first place, I remember the dreams that put a smile on my face, the ones that I would pray about that were felt in my heart and soul. So, I said to myself that there was no way I was throwing in the towel.
And, thanks to my amazing and supportive team they were able to point out my mistakes and show me where I can improve. If I had given up, I would not be where I am today I kept moving despite who said what.
There was also a point in time where I was petrified of messing up and stuttering in front of the camera when I did a recorded video or a live video on Facebook or Instagram.
However, I knew that this would help me interact with my audience on my social media platforms.
So, I sucked it up and went for it!

You know what happened?
I messed up, my hair was flying and I started rambling. But guess what? my mission was still accomplished and from that day on I got better and better at it now I can do it without getting nervous at all.
If you are considering going into business for yourself or have thought about giving it up because it didn’t turn out as good as you wanted or as fast as you were expecting, remember your why, if it is strong enough it will withstand any setback.
If it’s not strong enough, dig deeper within yourself and find the true answer.
Until next time…
Samantha Clay
Entrepreneur and Founder at
Samantha Helene

Samantha Helene

Samantha Clay is a 21-year-old Network Marketing Entrepreneur, a full-time senior undergraduate student, and an online blogger/vlogger. As the youngest member of her immediate family, years of her childhood was spent finding her passion and finding the balance between being successful with her talents and knowing what she wanted to do as a career. She often felt her relatives significant achievements always overshadowed her abilities and talents. In turn, it severely affected her confidence and self-esteem. It wasn’t until her junior year of college after an incident with her boss at her part-time campus job and looking at her paycheck every two weeks that even though this added to her resume this was not the life that she wanted. She desired so much more out of life, wanted to be financially free and help others live life and see the world with their own eyes, not behind a desk in a cubicle working a 9-5pm job. She wanted to begin working for herself and made the switch in February of 2016 to become an entrepreneur and small business owner. Never in a million years did she think she could possibly earn an extra income by simply doing what she loves: helping others achieve health and happiness.
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