for higher education​

Transformational education for
college and university students and their tutors.

Here at Grow2Gether young people is in our DNA as we were originally created to provide a space where young people could discover who they are, ignite their passions and unlock their potential.

As we've grown over the last 2 years, our community has become an open space where anyone no matter their age or background can come to grow and learn.

We wanted to create a program for young people specifically and partner with Colleges and Universities all around the world to spread personal growth and create an environment where we all Grow2Gether and through our Higher Education program we're able to do just that!

Teaching young people how to be free thinkers...

Imagine living in a world where a young person is no longer being told WHAT to be or WHAT to learn or that they need a college degree in order to be successful.

Imagine living in a world where young people no longer chase materialistic items to impress others or fit in with societally embedded rules like you have to be a doctor or a lawyer.

Imagine living in a world where learning is customised to each young person’s individual vision for WHO they want to be in the world and helps them to make that happen.

Our higher education program empowers young people to make choices that are aligned with who they are as a person and not what society has them to believe about themselves.

Redefining what success looks like...

We all want to be successful in life. Yet, success comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms and it means something different to everyone.

Unfortunately, society has people believing that success comes in the forms of needing to have a college or university degree or needing to have a sports car or needing to have a big house by the beach or in the countryside. Ultimately, success has become  too materialistic and it’s time to redefine what success is!

All growing together...

Much like our schools program our higher education program also focuses on empowering and helping Colleges and Universities and their tutors to be the best that they can be too.

We believe if you’re not growing, learning and improving – what does that show your students?

We can all grow, learn and improve and as a College, University or tutor that’s no different.

What does our Higher Education program include?

for your tutors

  • 4 x Personal Growth Tutor Workshops
  • 6 x Mastermind Tutor Group Mentoring Calls
  • 6 x Strategy Sessions with Leadership Team
  • FREE Grow2Gether Academy PLUS Membership

for your students

  • 12 x Personal Growth Workshops (1 per month)
  • Access to Online & Offline Resources
  • Monthly Mentoring Drop-in Sessions
  • Student Discount on the Grow2Gether Academy (both tiers)

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