How To Build Your Confidence In A World of A Growing One Percent

You may be wondering after reading through the title what I meant by the “Growing One Percent"...

What I am referring to when I say the growing one percent is the percentage of the human population that has personally earned at least six figures or has a net worth of at least six figures from their career, profession and/or occupation.

A lot of us have amazing ideas that we would love to see made a reality but one thing that we lack is confidence that our idea has the potential to impact this world, make a change or even be seen as a “good idea.”

I will never forget when I began my journey as a business owner, one morning I did my morning devotional and some personal development shortly afterward by watching a motivational video on youtube by Les Brown (motivational speaker) He said something that hit me like a ton of bricks.

To paraphrase his words, he said that there are graveyards full of people that have taken their dreams, ideas, business’, inventions and discoveries to the grave with them. After hearing that, I thought about the power of that sentence and after processing the true meaning of that sentence I came to a conclusion: my confidence in my unique qualities, personalities sets my ideas apart in how I deliver and present them. That alone gives me ideas in business.

So what does this have to do with confidence? People can sense whether or not you believe in your ideas, product or service. They can tell by how your face lights up when you talk about your passions. Even if your product does not exist yet and it is just an idea, your confidence in that idea will be one of the core ingredients to that idea becoming a reality.

How do you build your confidence?

Well here are 3 things that help tremendously: 

1) Positive Affirmations.

We ALL have small things we don’t like about ourselves but how many things do you like about yourself? Take a few minutes out to really find something about you that YOU feel makes you unique. Even if its making silly faces write it down and tell yourself that you can make the world laugh! It may sound ridiculous at first but as you do this your confidence builds. You are what you tell yourself you are!

2) Adopt A New Healthy Habit.

Have an open mind, try something new that will benefit your health. Whether it’s eating more vegetables or taking a morning walk do something that is good for your body and makes your body feel good.

3) Smile and Day Dream.

The more you use imagery in your brain, the more real it will appear. Imagine what exactly your idea is and imagine it being a reality, keep that image in your brain. The more you think about it the more real it will appear to you and the more likely you will be to put that idea into do-able steps.

Doing the aforementioned steps at least once a day will make a significant difference in how you view yourself and the reality of your goals and dreams. As you move forward, it will already be a part of your daily routine, which will increase your productivity all the way up to the growing one percent of top earners in the world.

Until next time,
Samantha Helene
Entrepreneur and Founder at
Samantha Helene

Samantha Helene

Samantha Clay is a 21-year-old Network Marketing Entrepreneur, a full-time senior undergraduate student, and an online blogger/vlogger. As the youngest member of her immediate family, years of her childhood was spent finding her passion and finding the balance between being successful with her talents and knowing what she wanted to do as a career. She often felt her relatives significant achievements always overshadowed her abilities and talents. In turn, it severely affected her confidence and self-esteem. It wasn’t until her junior year of college after an incident with her boss at her part-time campus job and looking at her paycheck every two weeks that even though this added to her resume this was not the life that she wanted. She desired so much more out of life, wanted to be financially free and help others live life and see the world with their own eyes, not behind a desk in a cubicle working a 9-5pm job. She wanted to begin working for herself and made the switch in February of 2016 to become an entrepreneur and small business owner. Never in a million years did she think she could possibly earn an extra income by simply doing what she loves: helping others achieve health and happiness.
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