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Transformational education for
school students and teachers.

A different type of education...

Here at Grow2Gether we believe the education system is outdated and that’s why we take a different approach. We recognise the great pressures Schools and Teachers are under and the conforms they have to abide by.

This is one reason why we have created our Schools program to share and teach the skills that are really needed to thrive in the world.

Our Schools program empowers students to make choices that are aligned with who they are as a person and not what society has them to believe about themselves.

Not a one fits all approach...

One of the challenges with the education system is the fact that it’s a one fits all approach – even though we all learn very differently. Through our Schools program we tailor education to the learning styles and needs of every student.

We don’t do this through some fancy test, questionnaire or software but through the art of conversation, deep listening and reflection.

Teachers matter too...

Our Schools program also focuses on empowering and helping schools themselves and their teachers to be the best that they can be too.

We believe if you’re not growing, learning and improving – what does that show your students?

We can all grow, learn and improve and as a school or teacher that’s no different.

What does our Schools program include?

for your teachers

  • 4 x Personal Growth Teacher Workshops
  • 6 x Mastermind Teacher Group Mentoring Calls
  • 6 x School Strategy Meetings with Leadership Team
  • FREE Grow2Gether Academy PLUS Membership

for your students

  • 52 x Personal Growth Classes (1 per week)
  • 4 x Q&A Workshop Assemblies
  • Access to Online & Offline Resources
  • FREE Grow2Gether Academy for Students Membership**

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