Your Choice And Your Commitment.

Do you know you make a choice and commitment every day without you realising?
How do I know because you made a decision to click and read this post or you made a choice to click off the post…
Why you should be conscious on your choices…
We make so many choices per day that we don’t notice at all as it becomes automatic to our routine.
What if you could start to make a conscious decision to understand all the choices you make and do why do you make the choices.
A simple way is to ask yourself Why I am doing this or you could ask yourself does this choice benefit me in achieving my goal?
Be emotionally connected…
We all think that we are rational thinkers, but the truth is that we are very often irrational and emotional, much more than you might imagine.
After we do irrational things, or make irrational choices.
Having an emotional connection with a choice will allow you to stay focus gives you the right chances to make the right choices on the goal you want to achieve.
Stay focus and believe in what you want to achieve…
The best way to stay emotionally invested in the right choices is to remind yourself why you started it, in the beginning, I know that it could be hard, but the feeling before you started will be the feeling why you should keep on going with the choices you made.
Life will throw you challenges but its great to understand how strong or weak you are to holding on to your words but remember you can do and will do it if you believe you can.

Commitment to the journey…

Commitment means the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause. The start of any journey you do is hard and challenging but this where commitment is formed from the choices you make.
Commitment allows you to understand yourself it gives you the chance to see what your strength and weakness and develop your skills.
I always say to my clients between challenge and achievement a skill has been born or developed.
Stay the course and you will get there no matter what don’t quit just plan and review on the next move you make.
Until next time,
Nehemiah Pullar-Latchman (Nem Pullar) CEO at StartYourLife
Nehemiah Pullar-Latchman

Nehemiah Pullar-Latchman

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